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I moved into my house three years ago and one of the first things I noticed was how sexy one of my neighbors had. The ' s to 6 m in height with dark hair, brown eyes, and a very pretty face. Do not 't hurt that the eporner band in general ' around his waist and a shirt when I saw him :-) He went to say hello and ask if I needed help, but I was with my father eporner and my ex by the time he could not ' t for him to speak eporner properly. eporner We 've had a few (not many) the opportunity to speak since then, but still active on this site I' m quite shy in the first step if you don 't, if anyone interested to know. it could be a good time for me to describe - in 27, a size 18 curves, large breasts and big round ass, 5 '4 ' attractive enough, but I would not ' t tell all special he was always friendly. and chatty, but I never had any sign of him, and thought that I, a man as handsome as he wouldn 't interested in a big girl like me, so I thought (seriously cool) fantasies seduce hall to myself. About three weeks, although they had eporner returned from a job interview and when I left my car, pulled me into the van to say hello. We stayed for a few minutes chatting and he mentioned that installing a new kitchen at home, so I wanted to see, as I had only conceded one. He said a few minutes and then come clean. I was thinking about changing, but I must admit, I was pretty good - I was wearing a purple top round, but not low enough whores to see the edges of my black lace bra and my neck when I leaned forward, a black knee - length pencil skirt, panties eporner stockings to match my bra and black stilettos. Didn 't mind trying to seduce me and that just yet Is not ' t want me, but I thought there was no damage to see if my appearance caused no reaction :-). So I went and knocked eporner on his door. When I responded immediately realized he eporner had a size of aFirst he brushed his teeth, don 't know, but I thought it was a good sign lol and my mind started working overtime. I had butterflies in my stomach and my feeling throbbing clit, I knew it was eporner wet when I was in the kitchen. I was near him, how could I guarantee all the time we hit back then. I had no real plan in mind, in fact I'm not even sure if I'm planning to do something lol. We sat and chatted for a while and offered me a glass of wine. He left the room for it and when she returned I noticed was that eporner I looked at my chest as he stood before me. She blushed when I realized who'd noticed that he looked at her and apologized. I laughed and told him I was flattered and hoped he liked what he saw. He said nothing, only blushed a little, quite eporner well done, and knew that if I get something I had wanted to take the first step, it seemed as shy as me! As we talked a little more than beingcame more and more flirtatious and deliberately bent a little, so I could see in my top ( not very good, this seduction, what do I know lol). It was at this time I saw him shoot her skirt and looking like me, that the line of My UPS are held fit what he saw clearly through the material, there can be no doubt about what had to be. I looked at him and winked, and asked him if he liked to keep pace. He leaned forward a little hesitant and asked if he could see - as if I was going to stop! I stood in front of him and pulled the skirt, which leads the tip. I said he could touch her if he wanted. She ran her hands slowly touch the outside of the thigh and the center of the top, and spread my skirt a little beyond the hope of him with an idea of ​​my upper lip. I spread my legs a little, grabbed hands and took them to the skin between my glasses and half of my pussy. He needed no further invitation and sThe lips with one hand on my ass and the other between her legs and began stroking my pussy through my panties. - I looked with an evil smile on his face and told me I was soaked - as if I do not know lol. He hooked his fingers around my underwear and pulled me aside and looked at his hand slipped gently on the lips, eporner pushing them out and dug his fingers deep eporner into me. I was in heaven! He used his thumb to play with my clit while I played all the way to the face - it was so cool. I leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the lips, and my parting with his tongue, kissed me, smiling the whole time without missing a beat with the fingers, fucking me slowly and circling my clit. I trembled when I first arrived and had to go before it collapsed on him. She shook her head and tried to retreat, but I wouldn t ' him, he had to return the favor. I took off my coat and knelt before him, opened his panight and put his hand on his penis to touch. I had no idea how great it would be like this, but it eporner certainly does not disappoint. It was very hard and when I got to his boxers think there should be only 7 inches and very thick. My fingers did not meet with your thumb while you masturbate slowly. I knew I would enjoy this, I love sucking cock. I pulled his foreskin and pushed the head. Execution of the tongue from the base to the tip of the tongue swirling on top of the drop of precum that had leaked, and then lowered my mouth over it. He groaned slightly and leaned back on the couch. Among his balls tight I could not resist, my tongue over them before running into my mouth and sucked it gently. Then I went back to his cock, masturbating and took him as deep into my mouth as I could. I 've learned and Deep Throat yet, but I was eporner determined so deeply as I take it. Every time his cock hit the back of my throat, moaning and soI did more and faster in the hope that it made me cum so well as he had cum. He tried to put in a few minutes, did not want to cum yet, but eporner I was sucking and masturbate until he let rip in the mouth, spray again and again until I take over again because I could have. I swallowed what had taken me and licked the rest of his tail, then sat beside her. He laughed and said wow, so he laughed and said it was a pleasure. We sat there for a while after that and chatted a little longer until we are ready to go again.... has I a couple of weeks to publish the value, but reading some other stories recently, I thought that d share ' to see if anyone liked it so well as I do. I 've on all afternoon and was still in my head and makes me think of hot, so if you do what you've read so far and would like the rest, please leave me your opinions...... xxx

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